Window Thrills
Trista Kerne
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23 year old Kylie recently moved into her own highrise apartment. After hearing on the news about a huge approaching (and earth-endangering) comet, she purchased an awesome telescope with the intention of observing it live herself. However she got side-tracked because it was more than just the sky visible through the lens. Nudity viewable through the hundreds of windows facing from across caught her attention.

But Kylie soon discovered an even more exciting thrill - Exhibitionism!

With a sophisticated setup of video recording (and display) equipment she experimented and fine-tuned everything to get "live-feedback." If she could be absolutely sure that others could see inside her apartment, then it would be time to try to be more daring. For Kylie, the feeling she experienced while being seen naked was truly intoxicating, and well worth the risks. A large hotel with balconies (directly across from her building) had new "targets" every day!

Opportunities to satisfy her overwhelming new sexual urges also materialized elsewhere. Kylie used her ingenuity to create incredibly arousing situations, but something was missing.

Then suddenly, an incident at work opened the door to a surprising new lesbian friendship with an equally open-minded friend. A chance to attend a birthday celebration came up. Kylie was extremely inexperienced about such things, however she did decide to go. At the party events started to spiral a little out of control. After she'd had a couple of drinks a violent thunderstorm unexpectedly knocked out the power. In the darkness a few males in the room didn't waste time trying to take advantage of the unique situation...

Author Trista Kerne has created a richly detailed work of Erotic Fiction describing the sexual awakening of a smart and clever young lady. A delight to all of your senses awaits you in this beautiful odyssey chronicling her coming of age. The situations are well set up with descriptions which include feelings and thoughts along with sights, sounds and even smells...
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Rating: 8. To sum it up, its about this young chick who realizes she likes exhabitionism. Which is awesome in itself. There wasn't any sex stuff until the last 15%, which is ok too. It was a short book, so only took me ONE day to read it, but glad I did. Since this is the 69th book I ever read, now is the best time to read something like this. :) Definitely is different than the usual stuff I read. Probably won't read another one like it, but was good to just see what an erotica book is like.