The Money Tree
Sam Mills
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Set in the wilds of Western North Carolina – near historic Cold Mountain – the story turns on two teen brothers' chance discovery of a drug dealers' money drop in the knothole of a tree. The impoverished boys enjoy the "fruit" of "the money tree" until they are caught in flagrante by the mafiosi whose money it is. (At the same time, they witness the murder of a pot farmer wrongly thought by the dealers of being the one who’s robbing them.)

The boys narrowly escape, setting off a wild, downriver chase through the trackless Green River Wilderness – a chase that pits unarmed country boys and armed-to-the-teeth city men in a "guerrilla" war to the death.
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Rating: 4. Uh.... All I can say is that if the middle section of this book, maybe 80% of it, were cut out - it would not have made a difference. The entire book people are chasing after these kids. Thats it. The only reason I gave it a 4 is because I wanted to see what happened at the end. Oh well.