Every CD I Own As Of 5/18/2019
  Artist Title Release Year Location
3-1-0 Some Get It 1995 D-10-0018
21 Gun Salute 21 Gun Salute 1992 D-24-0006
38 Special Flashback 1987 D-16-0020
Ac/Dc Black Ice (Deluxe) 2008 D-36-0008
Ac/Dc Stiff Upper Lip 2000 D-34-0018
Ac/Dc Volts 1999 D-35-0004RD
Ac/Dc Ballbreaker 1995 D-09-0018
Ac/Dc Live 1992 D-08-0006
Ac/Dc The Razors Edge 1990 D-06-0005
Ac/Dc Blow Up Your Video 1988 D-32-0009RC
Ac/Dc Who Made Who 1986 D-11-0002
Ac/Dc Fly on the Wall 1985 D-23-0018
Ac/Dc Flick Of The Switch 1983 D-33-0020RD
Ac/Dc Powerage 1983 D-29-0001RD
Ac/Dc For those about to Rock 1981 D-13-0009
Ac/Dc Back in Black 1980 D-12-0020
Ac/Dc Highway To Hell 1979 D-27-0001
Ac/Dc If You Want Blood You Got It 1978 D-15-0007
Ac/Dc Let There Be Rock 1977 D-26-0004
Ac/Dc Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976 D-10-0006
Ac/Dc High Voltage 1976 D-20-0012
Ac/Dc '74 Jailbreak 1974 D-32-0017
Accept Blood Of The Nations 2010 D-01-0017
Accept Objection Overruled 1997 D-19-0010
Accept Predator 1996 D-20-0005
Accept Death Row 1995 D-10-0008
Accept Im A Rebel 1994 D-34-0009RD
Accept The Collection 1991 D-19-0005
Accept Eat the Heat 1989 D-19-0002
Accept Russian Roulette 1986 D-30-0008RD
Accept Balls to The Wall 1984 D-11-0015
Accept Breaker 1981 D-29-0004RC
Ace Frehley Other Side Of The Coin 1997 D-04-0009-2
Ace Frehley Trouble Walkin' 1989 D-22-0014RD
Ace Frehley Live + 1 1988 D-22-0009
Ace Frehley Second Sighting 1988 D-22-0001RD
Ace Frehley Frehley's Comet 1987 D-21-0015RD
Adam Sandler What The Hell Happened To Me? 1996 D-20-0015
Aerosmith Rockin' The Joint 2005 D-25-0005-2
Aerosmith Honkin' On Bobo 2004 D-25-0008-2
Aerosmith Just Push Play 2001 D-37-0017RD
Aerosmith Nine Lives 1997 D-21-0005M
Aerosmith Big Ones 1994 D-08-0015
Aerosmith Get a Grip 1993 D-02-0005
Aerosmith Pump 1989 D-18-0018
Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 1987 D-24-0008
Aerosmith Classics Live 1986 D-11-0012
Aerosmith Done with Mirrors 1985 D-23-0010
Aerosmith Night In The Ruts 1979 D-19-0007
Aerosmith Greatest Hits 1978 D-05-0007
Aerosmith Rocks 1976 D-16-0009
Aldo Nova Blood On The Bricks 1991 D-29-0003RC
Alias Alias 1990 D-05-0002
Alice In Chains Dirt 1992 D-35-0020-2
Alice In Chains Facelift 1990 D-19-0008
Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare 2011 D-26-0018
Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds 2005 D-29-0017-02
Alice Cooper The Eyes of Alice Cooper 2003 D-40-0011
Alice Cooper Dragontown 2001 D-39-0003RD
Alice Cooper Brutal Planet 2000 D-36-0017RD
Alice Cooper A Fistful of Alice 1997 D-10-0016RD
Alice Cooper Constrictor 1995 D-35-0018-2
Alice Cooper The Last Temptation 1994 D-04-0002
Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid 1991 D-13-0016
Alice Cooper Love It to Death 1990 D-40-0016
Alice Cooper Raise Your Fist and Yell 1990 D-42-0002
Alice Cooper Trash 1989 D-28-0015RD
Alice Cooper Zipper Catches Skin 1982 D-20-0007
Alice Cooper The Alice Cooper Show 1977 D-29-0009
Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare 1975 D-30-0016
Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies 1973 D-17-0001
Alice Cooper Schools Out 1972 D-37-0016
Anyone Anyone 2002 D-41-0019RD
April Wine Back to the Mansion 2007 D-42-0013RD
April Wine Roughly Speaking 2006 D-42-0004RD
April Wine The Whole World's Goin' Crazy 1998 D-42-0016RD
April Wine Frigate 1994 D-01-0002
April Wine Attitude 1993 D-10-0017
April Wine Walking Through Fire 1993 D-17-0020
April Wine First Glance 1992 D-42-0008RD
April Wine Animal Grace 1984 D-31-0004RC
April Wine Power Play 1982 D-33-0009RD
April Wine Nature of the Beast 1981 D-14-0004
April Wine Harder... Faster 1979 D-04-0011
Arcade A2 1994 D-28-0019RD
Arcade Arcade 1993 D-09-0001
Arcara A Matter Of Time 1997 D-21-0008
Assorted Music Classic Rock Gold 2005 D-14-0010
Assorted Music Boston & Cheap Trick 2002 D-38-0019RD
Assorted Music Songs I Pretend I Dont Like Vol 1.01 2000 D-34-0020RD
Assorted Music Just Misc Tunes, Thats all 2000 D-35-0003RDW
Assorted Music Cool Tunes 2 2000 D-35-0017RDW
Assorted Music Twisted Sister - Twisted Forever 2000 D-38-0012
Assorted Music Tribute to AC/DC - Thunderbolt 1998 D-38-0020RD
Assorted Music Black Sabbath Tribute 1994 D-10-0019
Assorted Music Kiss My Ass 1994 D-02-0008
Assorted Music Wrecking Havock 1975-1985 Volume 1989 D-02-0014
Assorted Music More Misc Tunes D-37-0006RD
Autograph Get Off Your Ass 2017 D-34-0004
Autograph Buzz 2003 D-39-0010RD
Autograph Missing Peices 1997 D-32-0010RD
Autograph Loud & Clear 1987 D-28-0002RC
Autograph Thats the Stuff 1985 D-21-0019RD
Autograph Sign in Please 1984 D-18-0015
Axe Nemesis 1983 D-33-0008RC
Axe Offering 1982 D-29-0006
Axe Living on the Edge 1980 D-29-0011
Axe Attack Nightmare 1986 D-27-0020
Bachman Turner Overdrive BTO's Greatest 1986 D-12-0017
Bad Company My Collection 1999 D-25-0005RD
Bad Company Here Comes Trouble 1992 D-30-0017
Bad Company Holy Water 1990 D-25-0019
Bad Company Run With The Pack 1976 D-38-0014
Bad Company Bad Company 1974 D-14-0002
Bad Company Straight Shooter 1974 D-02-0011
Bad English The Lost Tapes 2002 D-31-0016-02
Bad English Backlash 1991 D-04-0012
Bad English Bad English 1989 D-11-0009
Bangalore Choir On Target 1992 D-14-0013
Bangles Greatest Hits 1990 D-31-0015RD
Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures 2001 D-41-0020RD
Beyond Fallen As The Spires Fall 2016 D-21-0009
Beyond Fallen Lost In The Shadows 2005 D-41-0007
Beyond Fallen Beyond Fallen 2004 D-37-0002
Billy Joel Misc Compilation 2001 D-36-0006RD
Billy Squier 16 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier 1995 D-37-0012
Billy Idol Cyber Punk 1993 D-01-0011
Billy Idol Charmed Life 1990 D-25-0012
Billy Idol Vitol Idol 1987 D-04-0001
Billy Idol Whiplash Smile 1986 D-29-0005RC
Billy Idol Rebel Yell 1984 D-02-0006
Black Crowes By Your Side 1998 D-25-0020
Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker 1989 D-20-0020
Black 'n Blue Hell Yeah! 2011 D-10-0012-02
Black 'n Blue Rarities 2007 D-32-0012-02
Black 'n Blue One Night Only - Live 1998 D-23-0015
Black 'n Blue In Heat 1988 D-21-0007RC
Black 'n Blue Nasty Nasty 1986 D-25-0009RD
Black 'n Blue Without Love 1985 D-28-0017RC
Black 'n Blue Black and Blue 1984 D-21-0004RD
Black Sabbath Never Say Die 1996 D-36-0003RD
Black Sabbath Dehumanizer 1992 D-15-0009
Black Sabbath TYR 1990 D-09-0007
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1990 D-36-0014RD
Black Sabbath Headless Cross 1989 D-30-0014RC
Black Sabbath Born Again 1983 D-29-0016RD
Black Sabbath Mob Rules 1981 D-14-0001
Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell 1980 D-17-0013
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstacy 1976 D-29-0010RD
Black Sabbath We Sold our Soul for R&R 1976 D-24-0016
Black Sabbath Sabotage 1975 D-25-0008RD
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1974 D-37-0013
Black Sabbath Volume 4 1972 D-03-0005
Black Sabbath Masters of Reality 1971 D-06-0016
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 1970 D-23-0002
Black Sabbath Paranoid 1970 D-30-0018
Blue Murder Nothin' But Trouble 1993 D-05-0011
Blue Murder Blue Murder 1989 D-11-0018
Blue Öyster Cult Heaven Forbid 1998 D-37-0014
Bon Jovi The Circle 2009 D-41-0002RD
Bon Jovi Lost Highway 2007 D-29-0010-02
Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day 2005 D-41-0008
Bon Jovi Bounce 2002 D-28-0015-02
Bon Jovi Crush 2000 D-30-0014-02
Bon Jovi 7800 Farenheit 1999 D-24-0009
Bon Jovi These Days 1995 D-08-0013
Bon Jovi Crossroads 1994 D-10-0004
Bon Jovi Keep the Faith 1992 D-23-0011
Bon Jovi Young Guns II 1990 D-16-0002
Bon Jovi New Jersey 1988 D-21-0001
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1986 D-26-0003
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi 1984 D-11-0014
Bonham Mad Hatter 1992 D-05-0001
Bonham Disregard for Timekeeping 1989 D-20-0002
Bret Michaels Custom Built 2010 D-22-0015-02
Bret Michaels Rock My World 2008 D-29-0012-02
Bret Michaels A Letter From Death Row - The Album 1998 D-24-0012-02
Britny Fox Springhead Motorshark 2003 D-04-0009
Britny Fox Bite Down Hard 1991 D-27-0007RD
Britny Fox Boys In Heat 1989 D-13-0017
Britny Fox Britny Fox 1988 D-26-0019RD
Buckcherry Buck Cherry 1999 D-35-0007RD
Buckner & Garcia Pac-Man Fever 1982 D-41-0010
Bullet Boys Sophie 2004 D-41-0016RD
Bullet Boys ZaZa 1993 D-01-0012
Bullet Boys Freakshow 1991 D-13-0006
Bullet Boys Bullet Boys 1988 D-22-0003RD
Caroline Spine Attention Please 1999 D-38-0005RD
Caroline Spine Monsoon 1997 D-38-0010RD
CATS IN BOOT Kicked & Klawed D-32-0020-02
Cats In Boots Last Works 1999 D-33-0005-02
Cats In Boots My Compilation D-31-0020-02
Cats In Boots Demonstration D-33-0005-02
Chicago Greatest Hits 1989 D-37-0015
Cinderella Once Upon A... 1997 D-19-0012
Cinderella Still Climbing 1994 D-06-0010
Cinderella Heartbreak Station 1990 D-05-0014
Cinderella Long Cold Winter 1988 D-23-0004
Cinderella Night Songs 1986 D-12-0008
Circus Of Power Magic & Madness 1993 D-12-0006
Circus Of Power Vices 1990 D-14-0017
Circus Of Power Circus Of Power 1990 D-36-0001RD
Coal Chamber Chamber Music 1999 D-41-0018RD
Cocktail Slippers Saint Valentine's Day Massacre 2009 D-25-0011-2
Collective Soul Youth 2004 D-33-0002-02
Collective Soul Blender 2000 D-38-0013
Collective Soul Dosage 1999 D-28-0013
Collective Soul Disciplined Breakdown 1997 D-19-0011
Collective Soul Collective Soul 1995 D-08-0014
Collective Soul Hints allegations & things left unsaid 1993 D-07-0017
Contraband Contraband 1991 D-14-0012
Coverdale Page Coverdale Page 1993 D-06-0004
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle 1991 D-10-0002
D.A.D. Soft Dogs 2006 D-40-0013RD
D.A.D. Scare Yourself 2006 D-35-0014
D.A.D. Early Years 2001 D-41-0003RD
D.A.D. Everything Glows 2000 D-37-0019RD
D.A.D. Mad Xmas & A Psychotic New Year 1998 D-23-0020
D.A.D. Simpatico 1997 D-24-0015
D.A.D. Helpyourselfish 1995 D-40-0018RD
D.A.D. Draws a Circle/Call of the Wild (Dual Album) 1994 D-27-0016
D.A.D. Riskin' It All 1992 D-14-0007
D.A.D. No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims 1989 D-15-0005
Danger Danger Rare Cuts 2003 D-29-0015-02
Danger Danger Cockroach (With Paul Laine) 2001 D-29-0015-02
Danger Danger The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves 2000 D-28-0003-02
Danger Danger Four The Hard Way 1997 D-28-0016-02
Danger Danger Dawn 1995 D-30-0012-02
Danger Danger Screw It! 1991 D-09-0009
Danger Danger Danger Danger 1989 D-07-0009
Dangerous Toys The R*tist 4*merly known as... 1995 D-27-0015RD
Dangerous Toys Pissed 1994 D-18-0012
Dangerous Toys Hellacious Acres 1991 D-19-0001
Dangerous Toys Dangerous Toys 1989 D-12-0009
David Bowie The Singles Collection Disc 1 1993 D-33-0007
David Bowie The Singles Collection Disc 2 1993 D-33-0007
David Bowie Changes Bowie 1990 D-06-0003
David Lee Roth Diamond Dave 2003 D-40-0007RD
David Lee Roth Your Filthy Little Mouth 1994 D-02-0013
David Lee Roth A Little Ain't Enuff 1991 D-02-0020
David Lee Roth Skyscraper 1988 D-19-0017
David Lee Roth Eat 'Em & Smile 1986 D-08-0009
David Lee Roth Crazy From The Heat 1985 D-22-0011RD
Dee Snider For The Love Of Metal 2018 D-34-0013
Dee Snider Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down 2000 D-39-0016RD
Deep Purple The Battle Rages On 1993 D-13-0008
Deep Purple Slaves and Masters 1990 D-28-0006
Deep Purple The House of the Blue Light 1987 D-31-0018
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers 1984 D-38-0004RD
Deep Purple When We Rock We Rock... 1978 D-22-0018
Deep Purple Stormbringer 1974 D-34-0007RD
Deep Purple Burn 1974 D-38-0008
Deep Purple Machine Head 1972 D-13-0003
Deep Purple Fireball 1971 D-35-0009RD
Deep Purple Deep Purple in Rock 1970 D-29-0013RD
Def Leppard Montage Mountain - 06 29 11 2011 D-27-0011
Def Leppard Yeah! 2006 D-36-0007
Def Leppard X 2002 D-41-0015RD
Def Leppard Euphoria 1999 D-38-0007RD
Def Leppard Adrenalize 1992 D-13-0018
Def Leppard Retroactive 1992 D-38-0011RD
Def Leppard Hysteria 1987 D-27-0008RD
Def Leppard Pyromania 1983 D-29-0018RD
Def Leppard High 'n Dry 1981 D-16-0001
Def Leppard On Through the Night 1980 D-28-0009RD
Device Device 2013 D-34-0001-4
Dio Strange Highways 1994 D-34-0015
Dio Sacred Heart 1985 D-16-0019
Dio The Last In Line 1984 D-26-0007
Dio Holy Diver 1983 D-29-0014RD
Dirty Looks Superdeluxe 2008 D-42-0015RD
Dirty Looks Gasoline 2007 D-42-0009RD
Dirty Looks Rip It Out 1996 D-29-0017RD
Dirty Looks One Bad Leg 1994 D-34-0005RD
Dirty Looks Five Easy Pieces 1990 D-33-0001RD
Dirty Looks Cool from the Wire 1990 D-42-0005RD
Dirty Looks Turn Of The Screw 1989 D-04-0016
Disturbed The Lost Children 2011 D-32-0016-02
Disturbed Indestructible 2008 D-39-0004RD
Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists 2005 D-41-0005RD
Disturbed Believe 2002 D-41-0009RD
Disturbed Sickness 2000 D-37-0007
DLR Band DLR Band 1998 D-22-0016
Dogs D' Armour Uncharted Height Of Disgrace 1993 D-36-0012RD
Dogs D' Armour Straight 1990 D-36-0005RD
Dogs D' Armour King of Theives/Compilation 2 1989 D-35-0016RD
Dogs D' Armour Dynamite Jet Saloon/Compilation 2 1988 D-35-0005RD
Dokken Broken Bones 2012 D-25-0016-2
Dokken Beast from the East 1988 D-27-0014RD
Dokken Back for the Attack 1987 D-31-0006
Dokken Under lock and Key 1985 D-24-0017
Dokken Tooth And Nail 1984 D-34-0016
Dokken Breakin' The Chains 1983 D-16-0010
Drain S.T.H. S/T 1996 D-18-0006
Duff McKagan Believe in Me 1993 D-02-0007
Duran Duran Paper Gods 2016 D-06-0012
Eagles Eagles : The Very Best Of (2CD) 2003 D-42-0001
Eagles Hotel California 1976 D-05-0015
Elastica Elastica 1995 D-08-0019
Electric Boys Freewheelin' 2005 D-42-0007RD
Electric Boys Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride 2004 D-42-0012RD
Electric Light Orchestra Part II One Night - Live in Australia [Single Disc] 1997 D-31-0005
Electrical Light Orchestra ELO's Greatest Hits 1979 D-11-0013
Enuff Z Nuff Demos & B-Sides D-35-0006
Enuff 'Z Nuff ? (Question) 2004 D-41-0001RD
Enuff 'Z Nuff Welcome to Blue Island 2002 D-41-0006RD
Enuff 'Z Nuff 10 2000 D-36-0016
Enuff 'Z Nuff Paraphernalia 1999 D-35-0002
Enuff 'Z Nuff Seven 1997 D-19-0006
Enuff 'Z Nuff Peach Fuzz 1996 D-14-0008
Enuff 'Z Nuff Tweaked 1995 D-09-0014
Enuff 'Z Nuff 1985 1994 D-15-0004
Enuff 'Z Nuff Animals With Human Intelligence 1993 D-07-0014
Enuff 'Z Nuff Stregnth 1991 D-06-0017
Enuff 'Z Nuff Enuff 'z Nuff 1989 D-07-0003
Enuff Z'Nuff Dissonance 2009 D-27-0010
Europe Bag Of Bones 2012 D-27-0007-2
Europe Out Of This World 1988 D-13-0012
Euryhmics Greatest Hits 1991 D-01-0014
Every Mothers Nightmare Back Traxx 2001 D-28-0020-02
Every Mothers Nightmare Wake Up Screaming 1993 D-03-0012
Every Mothers Nightmare Every Mothers Nightmare 1992 D-30-0012RC
Every Mother's Nightmare Smokin' Delta Voodoo 2000 D-32-0003-02
Evil Stig Evil Stig 1995 D-10-0001
Extreme III Sides to Every Story 1992 D-22-0019
Extreme Pornograffiti 1990 D-20-0014
Extreme Extreme 1989 D-02-0009
Eyes Eyes 1990 D-06-0011
Faith No More Angel Dust 1992 D-01-0013
Faith No More The Real Thing 1989 D-20-0016
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel 1984 D-28-0016RC
Faster Pussycat Power & The Glory Hole 2008 D-31-0015-02
Faster Pussycat Whipped 1992 D-01-0010
Faster Pussycat Wake me When Its Over 1989 D-18-0019
Faster Pussycat Faster Pussycat 1987 D-29-0020RD
Fastway Bad Bad Girls 1990 D-22-0007RD
Fastway Trick Or Treat 1986 D-32-0013RC
Fastway Fastway 1983 D-24-0014
Fist Danger Zone 1984 D-32-0005RC
Foreigner Unusual Heat 1991 D-04-0017
Foreigner 4 1981 D-26-0008
Foreigner Head Games 1979 D-28-0011
Freefall Freefall 1995 D-08-0020
Freight Train Jane Halucination 1994 D-21-0003RD
Funny Money Skin To Skin 2003 D-39-0009RD
Funny Money Back Again 1999 D-32-0004RD
Funny Money Funny Money 1997 D-24-0011
Galactic Cowboys Let It Go 2000 D-31-0017
Genesis We Can't Dance 1991 D-01-0003
Geoff Tate Geoff Tate 2002 D-38-0018
George Harrison Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989 1989 D-12-0019
George Harrison Cloud 9 1987 D-15-0001
George Lynch Sacred Groove 1993 D-13-0007
Giant Time To Burn 1991 D-31-0016RD
Go Go's Behind The Music Collection 2000 D-37-0008
Gorky Park Protivofazza 1998 D-28-0009-02
Gorky Park Stare 1996 D-30-0013-02
Gorky Park Moscow Calling 1992 D-29-0007-02
Gorky Park Gorky Park 1989 D-05-0004
Gotthard Gotthard 1992 D-27-0005-2
Great White Recover 2004 D-40-0010RD
Great White Can't Get There From Here 1999 D-28-0008
Great White Best Of Great White 1993 D-05-0017
Great White Psycho City 1992 D-01-0006
Great White Hooked 1991 D-35-0008RD
Great White Twice Shy 1989 D-31-0008
Great White Once Bitten... 1987 D-25-0006
Great White/April Wine Back To Back Hits 1996 D-17-0016
Greg Kihn Kihnsolidation: The Best of Greg 1989 D-15-0015
Guns & Roses Spaghetti Incident 1993 D-02-0003
Guns & Roses Use Your Illusion 1 1991 D-04-0003
Guns & Roses Use Your Illusion 2 1991 D-04-0004
Guns & Roses Lies 1988 D-22-0020
Guns & Roses Appetite for Destruction 1987 D-25-0013
Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy 2008 D-32-0003
Hair Of The Dog Rise 2000 D-31-0012RD
Hair Of The Dog Hair Of The Dog 1997 D-31-0001RD
Halford Made Of Metal 2010 D-31-0019-02
Halford Resurrection 2000 D-37-0009
Hanoi Rocks Street Poetry 2007 D-29-0014-02
Hanoi Rocks Another Hostile Takeover 2005 D-29-0020-02
Hanoi Rocks 12 Shots On The Rocks 2003 D-30-0010-02
Hanoi Rocks Self Destruction Blues 2000 D-30-0006-02
Hanoi Rocks Bangkok Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks 1995 D-32-0010-02
Hanoi Rocks Two Steps From The Move 1984 D-25-0004
Hanoi Rocks Back In Mystery City 1983 D-12-0012
Hanoi Rocks Oriental Beat 1982 D-32-0010-02
Harpo Smokin' Gun 1996 D-10-0012
Harpo Too Much Is Just Enough 1992 D-31-0014RD
Headpins Anthology 1985 D-17-0017
Heart Montage Mountain 06 29 2011 2011 D-27-0014-2
Heart My Compilation - Disc 1 1999 D-25-0007RD
Heart My Compilation II 1999 D-25-0007RD
Heavy Bones Heavy Bones 1992 D-06-0013
Heavy Pettin' The Big Bang/Demos 98 1998 D-25-0017RD
Heavy Pettin' Rock Ain't Dead 1985 D-25-0002
Helix Vagabond Bones 2009 D-11-0017-02
Helix Long Way To Heaven 1985 D-29-0015RD
Helix No Rest For The Wicked 1983 D-30-0010RD
Hericane Alice Tear The House Down 1990 D-09-0012
Honeymoon Suite Racing After Midnight 1988 D-03-0018
Honeymoon Suite The Big Prize 1985 D-18-0010
Hurricane Over The Edge 1989 D-14-0014-02
Icon Even A More Perfect Union 1996 D-32-0014RC
Icon Night Of The Crime 1994 D-30-0009RD
Icon Right Between The Eyes 1989 D-12-0005
Icon Icon 1984 D-29-0012RD
Jackyl Relentless 2002 D-39-0013RD
Jackyl Stayin' Alive 1998 D-39-0001
Jackyl Cut the Crap 1997 D-40-0005
Jackyl When Push Comes To Shove 1994 D-06-0007
Jackyl Jackyl 1992 D-04-0006
Jesse Strange Jesse Strange 1992 D-14-0018
Jetboy Feel The Shake 1988 D-04-0015
Joan Jett Fit To Be Tied 1997 D-24-0002M
Joan Jett Pure & Simple 1994 D-07-0013
Joan Jett Bad Reputation 1992 D-16-0015
Joan Jett Notorious 1991 D-11-0006
Joan Jett The Hit List 1990 D-15-0006
Joan Jett Up Your Alley 1988 D-07-0008
Joan Jett Good Music 1986 D-31-0002RD
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Fetish 1999 D-39-0018RD
Joe Walsh My Compilation 1999 D-25-0011RD
John Mellencamp Compilation 1999 D-26-0012RD
Judas Priest Firepower 2018 D-06-0012
Judas Priest Demolition 2001 D-36-0020RD
Judas Priest Sin After Sin 1993 D-16-0012
Judas Priest Painkiller 1990 D-13-0011
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith 1984 D-33-0013
Judas Priest Screamin' for Vengence 1982 D-33-0015RD
Junkyard Junkyard 1989 D-16-0014
Kate Perry One of the Boys [UK-Import] 2008 D-36-0002
Keel Keel 1987 D-15-0002
Keel The Final Frontier 1986 D-12-0011
Keel The Right to Rock 1985 D-28-0020RC
Kik Tracee No Rules 1991 D-19-0018
Killer Dwarfs Method To The Madness 1992 D-14-0009
Killer Dwarfs Dirty Weapons 1990 D-31-0012-02
Killer Dwarfs Stand Tall 1986 D-31-0001-01
Killer Dwarfs Big Deal 1983 D-33-0006
King Kobra Ready To Strike 1985 D-29-0002-02
Kingdom Come Outlier 2013 D-34-0013
Kingdom Come Rendered Waters 2011 D-04-0008-02
Kingdom Come Magnified 2009 D-33-0003-02
Kingdom Come Ain't Crying For The Moon 2006 D-29-0013-02
Kingdom Come Perpetual 2004 D-18-0006-02
Kingdom Come Twilight Cruiser 2004 D-32-0013-02
Kingdom Come Independent 2002 D-30-0007-02
Kingdom Come Too 2000 D-30-0011-02
Kingdom Come Hands Of Time 1998 D-30-0013RC
Kingdom Come Master Seven 1997 D-27-0018
Kingdom Come Bad Image 1993 D-22-0017
Kingdom Come In Your Face 1989 D-19-0019
Kingdom Come Kingdom Come 1988 D-05-0006
The Kinks Come Dancing With The Kinks 1986 D-16-0007
Kiss Monster 2012 D-26-0012-2
Kiss Sonic Boom 2009 D-39-0019
Kiss Psycho Circus 1998 D-24-0010M
Kiss MTV Unplugged 1996 D-15-0012
Kiss You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best 1996 D-15-0018
Kiss Alive III 1993 D-03-0008
Kiss Revenge 1992 D-16-0003
Kiss Asylum 1990 D-35-0018RD
Kiss Hot In The Shade 1989 D-12-0001
Kiss Smashes Thrashes & Hits 1988 D-27-0003
Kiss Crazy Nights 1987 D-27-0010
Kiss Anamalize 1984 D-30-0006RD
Kiss Creatures Of The Night 1982 D-33-0018RD
Kiss Unmasked 1980 D-34-0011RD
Kiss Dynasty 1979 D-17-0012
Kiss Ace Frehley 1978 D-30-0019
Kiss Double Platinum 1978 D-25-0014
Kiss Gene Simmons 1978 D-11-0003
Kiss Paul Stanley Solo 1978 D-28-0012
Kiss Peter Criss Solo 1978 D-24-0018
Kiss Alive II 1977 D-09-0020
Kiss Love Gun 1977 D-02-0019
Kiss Alive II Disc 2 1977 D-09-0020
Kiss Destroyer 1976 D-13-0020
Kiss Rock and Roll Over 1976 D-23-0003
Kiss Alive I Disc 1 1975 D-03-0011
Kiss Dressed To Kill 1975 D-38-0002
Kiss Alive 1 Disc 2 1975 D-03-0011
Kiss Hotter Than Hell 1974 D-27-0017
Kix Rock Your Face Off 2014 D-41-0010-2
Kix At the Reverb in Reading, PA on 08 17 13 2013 D-33-0012
Kix Thunderground (The Show Business Demos) 2004 D-22-0015-01
Kix Show Business 1995 D-17-0004
Kix Live 1993 D-09-0005
Kix Hot Wire 1991 D-05-0005
Kix Blow My Fuse 1988 D-20-0001
Kix Midnite Dynamite 1985 D-20-0003
Kix Cool Kids 1983 D-09-0011
Kollar Family Old Time Shit 1977 D-37-0001
Krokus To Rock Or Not To Be 1995 D-33-0019RD
Krokus Heart Attack 1988 D-06-0018
Krokus Change Of Address 1986 D-35-0012RD
Krokus The Blitz 1984 D-24-0003
Krokus Headhunter 1983 D-19-0016
Krokus One Vice At A Time 1982 D-35-0020
L.A. Guns Tales From The Strip 2005 D-32-0009-02
L.A. Guns Waking The Dead 2002 D-32-0011-02
L.A. Guns Shrinking Violet 1999 D-28-0004-02
L.A. Guns Wasted 1998 D-29-0011-02
L.A. Guns Hollywood Rehearsal 1997 D-30-0005-02
L.A. Guns American Hardcore 1996 D-17-0007
L.A. Guns Cuts 1992 D-12-0016
L.A. Guns Hollywood Vampires 1991 D-10-0013
L.A. Guns Vicious Circles 1991 D-08-0008
L.A. Guns Cocked & Loaded 1989 D-07-0020
L.A. Guns L.A. GUNS 1988 D-27-0012
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III 1970 D-08-0017
Led Zeppelin Led Leppelin II 1969 D-04-0005
Lemans Lemans 1984 D-28-0010
Lita Ford The Best Of Lita Ford 1992 D-31-0009
Little Caesar Redemption 2010 D-06-0012
Little Caesar Influence 1992 D-04-0020
Little Caesar Little Caesar 1990 D-21-0006
Living Colour Vivid 1988 D-07-0006
London Quire Boys A Bit Of What You Fancy 1990 D-28-0018RD
Lordi The Monsterican Dream 2007 D-36-0013
Lordi The Arockalypse 2006 D-29-0002
Lordi Get Heavy 2003 D-35-0015
Lou Gramm Long Hard Look 1989 D-14-0015
Loudness Soldier Of Fortune 1989 D-14-0016
Love/Hate I'm Not Happy 1995 D-17-0018
Love/Hate Lets Rumble 1994 D-21-0017RD
Love/Hate Wasted In America 1992 D-11-0020
Love/Hate Blackout in the Red Room 1990 D-22-0013RD
Lynyrd Skynyrd Ultimate Masters Collection 1999 D-34-0013
Mama's Boys Relativity 2004 D-42-0010RD
Mama's Boys Plug It In 1988 D-20-0008
Mama's Boys Growing up the Hard Way 1987 D-29-0007RC
Mama's Boys Power and Passion 1985 D-28-0004RD
Mama's Boys Mama's Boys 1984 D-32-0001RC
Mama's Boys Turn It Up 1983 D-32-0007
Manitoba's Wild Kingdom And You. 1990 D-19-0015
Marilyn Manson Holy Wood 2000 D-37-0011
Marilyn Manson The Last Tour on Earth 1999 D-40-0001
Marshall Law Metal Detector 1997 D-21-0010
McAuley Schenker Group Perfect Timing 2006 D-06-0012-02
Megadeth Th1rt3en 2011 D-25-0009
Megadeth Endgame 2009 D-37-0003RD
Megadeth United Abominations 2007 D-33-0010
Megadeth System Has Failed 2004 D-40-0009RD
Megadeth The Craving 2004 D-33-0003
Megadeth World Needs A Hero 2001 D-37-0018RD
Megadeth Risk 1999 D-26-0014RD
Megadeth Cryptic Writings 1997 D-19-0014
Megadeth Hidden Treasures 1995 D-10-0014
Megadeth Youthanasia 1994 D-07-0015
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction 1992 D-06-0020
Megadeth Rust In Peace 1990 D-08-0018
Megadeth So Far So Good So What! 1988 D-17-0014
Megadeth Peace Sells But Who's Buying 1986 D-28-0014
Megadeth Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good 1985 D-39-0015
Mercycurse Mercycurse 2009 D-09-0016
Metallica Load 1996 D-34-0003RD
Metallica Metallica 1991 D-18-0017
Michael Sweet Michael Sweet 1994 D-05-0009
Molly Hatchet No Guts... No Glory 1983 D-20-0009
Molly Hatchet Flirtin' With Disaster 1979 D-33-0013
Motley Crue New Tatoo 2000 D-33-0002RD
Motley Crue Supersonic And Demonic Relics 1999 D-32-0005-02
Motley Crue Generation Swine 1997 D-20-0011
Motley Crue Quaternary 1996 D-29-0011-02
Motley Crue Motley Crue 1994 D-06-0009
Motley Crue Decade of Decadence 1991 D-10-0009
Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood 1989 D-05-0003
Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls 1987 D-27-0006RD
Motley Crue Theater of Pain 1985 D-03-0006
Motley Crue Shout At The Devil 1983 D-04-0007
Motley Crue Too Fast For Love 1982 D-15-0011
Mötley Crüe Saints Of Los Angeles 2008 D-39-0017
Mr. Big Lean Into It 1991 D-09-0004
MSG MSG 1991 D-18-0009
Nazareth Tatooed On My Brain 2018 D-34-0006
Nazareth Rock 'n' Roll Telephone (Disc 1) 2014 D-41-0010-3
Nazareth Big Dogz 2011 D-25-0015-2
Nazareth Newz 2008 D-42-0014RD
Nazareth The Newz 2008 D-26-0014-2
Nazareth Extended Versions 2005 D-40-0019
Nazareth Snakes & Ladders 2002 D-18-0008
Nazareth Cinema 2001 D-42-0006RD
Nazareth Boogaloo 1999 D-24-0005
Nazareth Greatest Hits 2 1996 D-17-0009
Nazareth Move Me 1994 D-20-0010RD
Nazareth From The Vaults 1993 D-17-0015
Nazareth No Jive 1991 D-05-0018
Nazareth 2xS 1990 D-18-0001
Nazareth Classics Volume 16 1990 D-02-0001
Nazareth The Catch 1984 D-19-0003
Nazareth Sound Elixir 1983 D-21-0016RD
Nazareth 'Snaz Part II 1981 D-28-0005RD
Nazareth 'Snaz 1980 D-28-0005RD
Nazareth Malice in Wonderland 1980 D-22-0012RD
Nazareth The Fool Circle 1980 D-22-0008RD
Nazareth No Mean City 1979 D-22-0010RD
Nazareth Expect no Mercy 1977 D-22-0002RD
Nazareth Close Enough for R&R 1976 D-21-0014RD
Nazareth Play 'n The Game 1976 D-22-0006RD
Nazareth Hair Of The Dog 1975 D-07-0011
Nazareth Rampant 1974 D-21-0020RD
Nazareth Loud 'n Proud 1973 D-22-0004RD
Nazareth Razamanaz 1973 D-11-0019
Nazareth Exercises 1972 D-21-0012RD
Nickelback Here And Now 2011 D-25-0010-2
Nickelback Silver Side Up 2001 D-38-0015
Night Ranger Greatest Hits 1989 D-05-0019
Night Ranger Midnight Madness 1983 D-32-0020RD
Nightshade Stand And Be True 2009 D-33-0010-02
Nightshade Dead Of Night 1997 D-33-0004-02
Nightwish Ballads Of The Eclipse 2006 D-29-0001
Nightwish Once 2004 D-27-0020-2
Nightwish Oceanborn 1998 D-31-0013-02
Nirvanna Nevermind 1991 D-06-0001
Offspring Smash 1994 D-18-0016
Ozzy Osbourne Scream 2010 D-34-0004
Ozzy Osbourne Black Rain 2007 D-41-0017RD
Ozzy Osbourne Under Cover 2005 D-40-0003
Ozzy Osbourne Down To Earth 2001 D-38-0003
Ozzy Osbourne The Ozzman Cometh 1997 D-19-0013M
Ozzy Osbourne The Ozzman Cometh Disc 2 1997 D-19-0013M
Ozzy Osbourne Ozzmosis 1995 D-08-0012
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears 1991 D-04-0013
Ozzy Osbourne Just Say Ozzy 1990 D-23-0013
Ozzy Osbourne No Rest For The Wicked 1988 D-07-0005
Ozzy Osbourne Tribute 1987 D-09-0019
Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin 1986 D-32-0019
Ozzy Osbourne Bark At The Moon 1983 D-11-0010
Ozzy Osbourne Speak Of The Devil 1982 D-35-0011RD
Ozzy Osbourne Blizard Of Ozz 1981 D-11-0004
Ozzy Osbourne Diary Of A Madman 1981 D-23-0005
Outlaw Blood Outlaw Blood 1991 D-26-0020
Paul McCartney All The Best 1987 D-17-0010
Paul Stanley Live to Win 2006 D-41-0014RD
Peter Gabriel So 1986 D-13-0013
Peter Schilling Major Tom 1999 D-40-0012RD
Phenomena Inner Vision 1994 D-32-0012RC
Phil Collins Serious Hits... Live! 1990 D-01-0005
Pink Floyd Greatest Hits 2001 D-35-0019RD
Poison Hollyweird 2002 D-38-0016
Poison Power To The People 2000 D-32-0008-02
Poison Crack A Smile 1997 D-25-0016RD
Poison Native Tongue 1993 D-01-0007
Poison Swallow This Live Disc 1 1991 D-03-0010
Poison Swallow This Live Disc 2 1991 D-03-0010
Poison Flesh & Blood 1990 D-13-0019
Poison Open Up And Say.... Ah! 1988 D-24-0020
Poison Look What The Cat Dragged In 1986 D-20-0019
Prank Phone Calls Jerky Boys - The Jerky Tapes 2001 D-39-0020RD
Prank Phone Calls Roy Mercer - Whoop Your Ass 2000 D-33-0016RD
Prank Phone Calls Touchtone Terrorists - Customer Service Disasters 2000 D-40-0002RD
Prank Phone Calls The Jerky Boys 5 - Stop Staring At Me 1999 D-26-0018RD
Prank Phone Calls Touchtone Terrorists - A Permanent Lapse Of Reason 1999 D-40-0006RD
Prank Phone Calls Jerky Boys 4 1997 D-34-0017
Prank Phone Calls Revenge On The Telemarketers 1997 D-24-0007
Prank Phone Calls Jerky Boys 3 1996 D-16-0008
Prank Phone Calls Calls From The Hood 1995 D-12-0014
Prank Phone Calls Jerky Boys 2 1994 D-03-0003
Prank Phone Calls The Musacha Files 1994 D-05-0016
Prank Phone Calls Jerky Boys 1993 D-34-0010RD
Prank Phone Calls Tube Bar 1993 D-08-0007
Prank Phone Calls Jerky Boys - "Rare" D-39-0020RD
Prank Phone Calls Howard Stern D-33-0011-2
Prank Phone Calls Howard Stern 2 D-36-0018RD
Prank Phone Calls Roy D Mercer - By God! D-38-0001RD
Prank Phone Calls Howard Stern 3 D-38-0006RD
Prince My Collection 2000 D-33-0005RD
Prowler Slap A Lip Over It 1995 D-06-0015
Q5 New World Order 2016 D-04-0009
Q5 When The Mirror Cracks 1986 D-03-0013
Q5 Steel The Light 1985 D-24-0013RD
Queensryche Queensrÿche 2013 D-33-0006
Queensrÿche Dedicated To Chaos 2011 D-27-0006-2
Queensryche American Soldier 2009 D-37-0005RD
Queensrÿche Take Cover 2007 D-12-0002
Queensrÿche Operation: Mindcrime II 2006 D-40-0015RD
Queensryche Tribe 2003 D-39-0007RD
Queensryche Q2k 1999 D-26-0013
Queensryche Promised Land 1994 D-04-0009
Queensryche Unplugged and Other Stories 1993 D-01-0019
Queensryche Empire 1990 D-01-0008
Queensryche Operation Mindcrime 1988 D-25-0018
Queensryche Rage for Order 1986 D-23-0017
Queensryche The Warning 1984 D-03-0001
Quiet Riot Condition Critical 2008 D-42-0011RD
Quiet Riot Rehab 2006 D-30-0002
Quiet Riot Guilty Pleasures 2001 D-36-0015
Quiet Riot Alive And Well 1999 D-39-0012RD
Quiet Riot Greatest Hits 1996 D-14-0006
Quiet Riot Down To The Bone 1995 D-32-0017RD
Quiet Riot Terrified 1993 D-19-0020
Quiet Riot The Randy Rhodes Years 1993 D-34-0019
Quiet Riot Winners Take All 1992 D-40-0004
Quiet Riot Quiet Riot 1988 D-12-0010
Quiet Riot QRIII 1986 D-32-0008RC
Quiet Riot Metal Health 1983 D-16-0006
Quiet Riot Quiet Riot Ii 1980 D-32-0005-02
Quiet Riot Quiet Riot 1978 D-32-0011-02
Rail Rail 1984 D-27-0019R
Rainbow Straight Between The Eyes 1982 D-03-0020
Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1975 D-31-0007
Rammstein Rammstein 2019 D-34-0014
Rammstein Liebe Ist Für Alle Da 2009 D-29-0008-02
Rammstein Rosenrot 2005 D-41-0010-4
Rammstein Reise, Reise 2004 D-42-0003
Rammstein Mutter 2001 D-39-0008RD
Rammstein Sehnsucht 1998 D-39-0002RD
Rammstein Herzeleid 1996 D-39-0006RD
Ratt Infestation 2010 D-40-0014
Ratt Collage 1997 D-27-0005RD
Ratt Ratt & Roll 8191 1991 D-02-0018
Ratt Detonator 1990 D-09-0010
Ratt Reach for the Sky 1988 D-26-0002
Ratt Dancing Undercover 1986 D-23-0019
Ratt Invasion of your Privacy 1985 D-23-0014
Ratt Out of the Cellar 1984 D-30-0007RD
Ratt Ratt 1984 D-32-0017
Ratt Ratt 1984 D-26-0016RD
Raven The Pack is Back 1986 D-25-0003
Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute 1995 D-17-0011
Red Hot Chili Peppers Mothers Milk 1993 D-01-0016
Red Hot Chili Peppers What Hits? 1992 D-12-0018
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magic 1991 D-26-0010
REO Speedwagon The Hits 1988 D-14-0005
Rhino Bucket Pain 1994 D-20-0006
Rhino Bucket Get Used To It 1992 D-15-0014
Rhino Bucket Rhino Bucket 1990 D-32-0016RD
Ric Ocasek Nexterday 2005 D-41-0004RD
Ric Ocasek Troublizing 1997 D-19-0004
Ric Ocasek Negative Theater 1993 D-12-0003
Ric Ocasek Quick Change World 1993 D-10-0010
Ric Ocasek Fireball Zone 1991 D-10-0020
Ric Ocasek This Side of Paradise 1986 D-18-0011
Ric Ocasek Beautitude 1982 D-19-0009
Robert Palmer "Addictions" Volume 1 1989 D-03-0017
Rock Sugar Reimaginator 2010 D-11-0017
Rough Cutt Live 1996 D-29-0001-02
Rough Cutt Wants You 1986 D-29-0004-02
Rough Cutt Rough Cutt 1985 D-28-0003RC
Roxy Blue Want Some? 1992 D-28-0001RD
Rush Moving Pictures 1981 D-05-0010
Saigon Kick Moments from the Fringe 1998 D-40-0008RD
Saigon Kick Devil In The Details 1995 D-17-0005
Saigon Kick Water 1993 D-13-0005
Saigon Kick The Lizard 1992 D-15-0003
Saigon Kick Saigon Kick 1991 D-30-0004
Salty Dog Every Dog Has Its Day 1990 D-21-0011
Sammy Hagar Unboxed 1994 D-05-0020
Scary Monster Scary Monster 2010 D-34-0012
Scorpions Sting In The Tail 2010 D-29-0016-02
Scorpions Humanity - Hour 2007 D-39-0011RD
Scorpions Unbreakable 2004 D-39-0005
Scorpions Eye To Eye 1999 D-35-0010RD
Scorpions Pure Instinct 1996 D-18-0003
Scorpions Live Bites 1995 D-12-0015
Scorpions Face The Heat 1993 D-08-0002
Scorpions Crazy World 1990 D-08-0016
Scorpions Best Of Rockers 'n Ballads 1989 D-10-0005
Scorpions Savage Amusement 1988 D-28-0007
Scorpions World Wide Live 1985 D-26-0009
Scorpions Love At First Sting 1984 D-13-0010
Scorpions Blackout 1982 D-17-0003
Scorpions Animal Magnetism 1980 D-15-0008
Scorpions Taken By Force 1977 D-28-00017-02
Scorpions Virgin Killer 1977 D-30-0008-02
Scorpions Fly To The Rainbow 1974 D-30-0008-02
Sebastian Bach Angel Down 2007 D-29-0019
Sex Love & Money ERA 1994 D-08-0010
Shark Island Gathering of the Faithful 2006 D-40-0020RD
Shark Island Law Of The Order 1989 D-04-0010
Shark Island S'Cool Bus 1987 D-36-0010
Shark Island Misc Tunes Disc 1 D-32-0018
Shark Island Misc Tunes Disc 2 D-32-0018
Shaw Blades Influence 2007 D-31-0012-02
Shaw/Blades Hallucination 1995 D-08-0005
Shy England Misspent Youth 1990 D-04-0019
Sirenia Nine Destinies And A Downfall 2007 D-33-0001-02
Sister Whiskey Liquor & Poker 1993 D-14-0011
Skid Row Revolutions Per Minute 2006 D-30-0015-02
Skid Row Thickskin 2003 D-32-0014-02
Skid Row Subhuman Race 1995 D-14-0003
Skid Row B-Side Ourselves 1992 D-26-0005
Skid Row Slave to the Grind 1991 D-23-0008
Skid Row Skid Row 1989 D-20-0018
Skid Row Demos 1988 D-32-0014-02
Slaughter Back To Reality 1999 D-26-0017RD
Slaughter Revolution 1997 D-18-0007M
Slaughter Fear No Evil 1995 D-15-0020
Slaughter The Best Of 1995 D-08-0011
Slaughter The Wild Life 1992 D-02-0010
Slaughter Stick it to Ya 1990 D-27-0009RD
Slave Raider Take The World By Storm 1988 D-23-0016
Slave Raider What Do You Know About Rock & Roll 1988 D-17-0008
Sleeze Beez Insanity Beach 1994 D-28-0018-02
Sleeze Beez Powertool 1992 D-27-0002
Sleeze Beez Screwed, Blued & Tatooed 1990 D-07-0001
St. James Americanman 2001 D-12-0013
Stephen Pearcy Fueler 2005 D-27-0007-2
Steve Jones Fire And Gasoline 1989 D-03-0015
Steve Miller Band Abracadabra 1982 D-11-0016
Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits '74-'78 1978 D-06-0006
Steve Plunkett My Attitude 1991 D-14-0020
Sting The Best Of 1994 D-09-0015
Sting/Peter Gabriel Camden NJ Concert 2016 D-34-0006
Stone Fury The Best Of Stone Fury 1988 D-25-0010RD
Stryper No More Hell To Pay 2013 D-33-0006
Stryper Against The Law 1990 D-33-0011RC
Stryper In God We Trust 1988 D-13-0015
Stryper To Hell With The Devil 1986 D-16-0016
Stryper Soldiers Under Command 1985 D-16-0011
Stuttering John Stuttering John 1994 D-07-0016
Styx Greatest Hits 1995 D-09-0017
Styx Paradise Theater 1980 D-10-0015
Sugar Ray Lemonade and Brownies 1995 D-13-0002
Super Transatlantic Shuttlecock 2000 D-37-0004RD
Supertramp Classics Volume 9 1987 D-07-0012
Supertramp Breakfast in America 1979 D-08-0003
Supertramp Even In The Quietest Moments... 1977 D-10-0003
Supertramp Crime of the Century 1974 D-04-0014
Sweet The Best Of 1992 D-12-0004
Sweet F.A. Temptation 1991 D-09-0006
Sweet F.A. Stick To Your Guns 1989 D-27-0010-2
Sweet Pain Sweet Pain 1985 D-27-0019RD
Teachers Pet Marilyn's Broke Again 1995 D-20-0004
Tears for Fears Greatest Hits D-34-0001-2
Teeze Teeze 1985 D-29-0003-02
Terminal Choice New Born Enemies 2006 D-34-0013
Tesla Forever More 2008 D-32-0002-02
Tesla Into The Now 2004 D-30-0002-02
Tesla Bust A Nut 1994 D-39-0014
Tesla Psychotic Supper 1991 D-13-0014
Tesla Five Man Acoustical Jam 1990 D-28-0001-02
Tesla Great Radio Controversy 1989 D-08-0001
The Cars Move Like This 2011 D-10-0016-02
The Cars Philadelphia - 05 22 2011 2011 D-27-0015-2
The Cars Just What I Needed Anthology Disc 1 1995 D-03-0016
The Cars Just What I Needed (Disc 2) 1995 D-03-0016
The Cars The Cars - Greatest Hits 1990 D-23-0012
The Cars Door To Door 1987 D-04-0018
The Cars Heartbeat City 1984 D-13-0001
The Cars Shake It Up 1981 D-02-0002
The Cars Panorama 1980 D-17-0002
The Cars Candy-O 1979 D-21-0002
The Cars The Cars 1978 D-15-0016
The Scream Let It Scream 1991 D-06-0014
Theory of a Deadman The Truth Is... 2011 D-26-0017-2
TKO Below the Belt 1985 D-24-0012RD
TKO In Your Face 1984 D-32-0005RD
TNT Tnt 1994 D-14-0014
TNT Tell No Tales 1987 D-21-0018
TNT Knights Of The New Thunder 1984 D-25-0002-02
Tobruk Wild On The Run 1985 D-29-0005-02
Tokyo Blade Mr. Ice 1998 D-30-0001
Tokyo Blade Pumphouse 1998 D-36-0003-2
Tokyo Blade Tokyo Blade 1997 D-34-0001
Tokyo Blade No Remorse 1989 D-18-0005
Tokyo Blade Blackhearts & Jaded Spades 1985 D-33-0013
Tokyo Blade Midnight Rendezvous 1984 D-31-0001-01
Tokyo Blade Night Of The Blade 1984 D-33-0009-02
Tom Petty Highway Companion 2006 D-41-0013RD
Tom Petty Wildflowers 1994 D-07-0007
Tom Petty Greatest Hits 1993 D-05-0012
Tom Petty Into The Great Wide Open 1991 D-11-0001
Tom Petty Full Moon Fever 1989 D-20-0017
Tom Petty Long After Dark 1982 D-30-0020
Tommy Lee Never A Dull Moment 2002 D-38-0017
Tool Undertow 1993 D-02-0015
Tora Tora Bombs Away 2009 D-35-0020
Tora Tora Miss B. Haven': The Unreleased Wild America Recordi Ngs 2009 D-36-0001-2
Tora Tora Before & After 2009 D-32-0006
Tora Tora Revolution Day 1994 D-36-0012-2
Tora Tora Wild America 1992 D-03-0014
Tora Tora Suprise Attack 1989 D-17-0019
Touch-Tone Terrorists Appetite For Disruption 2000 D-36-0019
Tribute Albums Def Leppard 2000 D-31-0020RD
Tribute Albums Scorpions 2000 D-32-0015RD
Tribute Albums Van Halen 2000 D-31-0019
Tribute Albums Alice Cooper Tribute Albums 1999 D-35-0013RD
Triumph Edge Of Excess 1992 D-11-0007
Triumph Classics 1989 D-16-0004
Triumph Survilliance 1987 D-32-0011RC
Triumph The Sport of Kings 1986 D-30-0005RC
Triumph Thunder Seven 1984 D-18-0020
Triumph Never Surrender 1983 D-21-0013RD
Triumph Rock & Roll Machine 1983 D-30-0015RC
Triumph Allied Forces 1981 D-22-0005RD
Triumph Progresions of Power 1980 D-01-0015
Triumph Just A Game 1979 D-15-0017
Triumph In The Beginning . . . 1976 D-30-0009-02
Trixter Hear! 1992 D-14-0019
Trixter Trixter 1990 D-26-0001
Tuff The History Of Tuff 2001 D-36-0011RD
Tuff What Comes Around... 1991 D-25-0015RD
Twisted Sister Club Daze 1999 D-30-0003
Twisted Sister Big Hits and Nasty Cuts 1992 D-01-0004
Twisted Sister Love is for Suckers 1987 D-25-0001
Twisted Sister Come out and Play 1985 D-24-0001
Twisted Sister Stay Hungry 1984 D-18-0004
Twisted Sister You Can't Stop R&R 1983 D-24-0004
Twisted Sister Under the Blade 1982 D-23-0001
Tyketto Don't Come Easy 1991 D-21-0018-02
Ugly Kid Joe Stairway To Hell 2012 D-33-0003-02
Ugly Kid Joe The Very Best Of Ugly Kid Joe 1998 D-31-0010
Ugly Kid Joe Motel California 1996 D-33-0004RD
Ugly Kid Joe Menace to Sobriety 1995 D-09-0013
Ugly Kid Joe America's Least Wanted 1991 D-23-0006
Union Underground Rebellion 2000 D-37-0010
Valentine Valentine 1992 D-30-0011RD
Van Halen A Different Kind Of Truth 2012 D-25-0017-2
Van Halen Van Halen Iii 1998 D-11-0008
Van Halen Balance 1995 D-10-0011
Van Halen Rocks The Beer Hall 1995 D-27-0004RD
Van Halen LIVE: Right Here Right Now Disc 1 1993 D-03-0009
Van Halen LIVE: Right Here Right Now Disc 2 1993 D-03-0009
Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1991 D-26-0011
Van Halen OU812 1988 D-03-0002
Van Halen 5150 1986 D-04-0008
Van Halen 1984 1983 D-06-0008
Van Halen Diver Down 1982 D-07-0018
Van Halen Fair Warning 1981 D-06-0002
Van Halen Women and Children First 1980 D-07-0019
Van Halen Van Halen II 1979 D-02-0016
Van Halen Van Halen 1978 D-05-0008
Vicious Rumors Welcome To The Ball 1991 D-09-0002
Vince Neil Carved In Stone 1995 D-10-0007
Vince Neil Exposed 1993 D-01-0018
Vinnie Vincent The Ep 1996 D-29-0011-02
Vinnie Vincent Invasion Vinnie Vincent Invasion 2003 D-29-0006-02
Vinnie Vincent Invasion All Systems Go 1988 D-32-0002RC
Vixen Live & Learn 2006 D-33-0008-02
Vixen Tangerine 1998 D-32-0006-02
Vixen Rev It Up 1990 D-09-0003
Vixen Vixen 1988 D-31-0013
W.A.S.P. Dominator 2007 D-31-0014-02
W.A.S.P. Still Not Black Enough 2006 D-30-0009-02
W.A.S.P. The Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise 2004 D-11-0017-02
W.A.S.P. Helldorado 2000 D-30-0015-02
W.A.S.P. The Last Command 1997 D-32-0015-02
W.A.S.P. First Blood Last Cuts 1993 D-03-0004
W.A.S.P. The Crimson Idol 1992 D-07-0004
W.A.S.P. Headless Children 1989 D-31-0003RD
W.A.S.P. Inside The Electric Circus 1986 D-29-0018-02
W.A.S.P. Wasp 1984 D-32-0004-02
WAR The Best Of War... And More 1987 D-13-0004
War Babies War Babies 1992 D-15-0013
Warrant Rockaholic 2011 D-01-0017-02
Warrant Born Again 2006 D-40-0017RD
Warrant Belly To Belly 1996 D-17-0006
Warrant The Best Of Warrant 1996 D-15-0010
Warrant Ultraphobic 1995 D-16-0018
Warrant Dog Eat Dog 1992 D-01-0001
Warrant Cherry Pie 1990 D-11-0005
Warrant Dirty Rotten Filthy... 1988 D-11-0011
White Lion Return Of The Pride 2008 D-29-0019-02
White Lion The Best of White Lion 1992 D-02-0017
White Lion Mane Attraction 1991 D-09-0008
White Lion Big Game 1989 D-33-0017RD
White Lion Pride 1987 D-16-0013
White Lion Fight to Survive 1985 D-34-0008RD
Whitesnake Penns Peak 05 15 2011 2011 D-27-0013
Whitesnake Greatest Hits 1994 D-05-0013
Whitesnake Slip of the Tongue 1989 D-08-0004
Whitesnake Snake Bites 1989 D-15-0019
Whitesnake Whitesnake 1987 D-23-0007
Whitesnake Slide It In 1984 D-27-0012RD
Whitesnake Love Hunter 1979 D-16-0005
Winger Karma 2009 D-31-0003-02
Winger Winger Iv 2006 D-28-0019-02
Winger Pull 1993 D-01-0009
Winger In The Heart Of the Young 1990 D-07-0010
Winger Winger 1988 D-06-0019
Wings Greatest Hits 1978 D-24-0019
Y & T Musically Incorrect 1995 D-16-0017
Y & T Yesterday & Today - Live 1991 D-26-0006
Y & T 10 1990 D-12-0007
Y & T Contagious 1987 D-18-0014
Y & T Forever 1987 D-07-0002
Y & T Down for the Count 1985 D-29-0008RD
Y & T In Rock we Trust 1984 D-34-0002RD
Y & T Meanstreak 1983 D-33-0014RD
Y & T Black Tiger D-36-0001
Y & T Earthshaker D-32-0006-2
Y&T Facemelter 2010 D-21-0007-02
Yaz Upstairs at Erics 1982 D-02-0004
Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society 1919 Eternal 2002 D-41-0012
Zebra Iv 2003 D-31-0002-02
Zebra 3V 1986 D-18-0013
Zebra No Tellin' Lies 1984 D-26-0015RD
Zebra Zebra 1983 D-03-0019
ZZ Top La Futura 2012 D-25-0010-2
ZZ Top XXX 1999 D-31-0011
ZZ Top Rhythmeen 1996 D-18-0002
ZZ Top Antenna 1994 D-02-0012
ZZ Top One Foot In The Blues 1994 D-35-0001
ZZ Top Greatest Hits 1992 D-03-0007
ZZ Top Recycler 1990 D-23-0009
ZZ Top Afterburner 1985 D-01-0020
ZZ Top Eliminator 1983 D-20-0013

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