Stephen King
Pocket (2003)
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Fiction / Horror, Fiction / Media Tie-In, Horror Fiction, Human-alien Encounters, Human-alien Encounters - Maine
Mass Market Paperback 9780743467520
ONCE UPON A TIME, IN THE HAUNTED CITY OF DERRY, FOUR BOYS STOOD TOGETHER AND DID A BRAVE THING. IT WAS SOMETHING THAT CHANGED THEM IN WAYS THEY COULD NEVER BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND. Twenty-five years after saving a Down's-syndrome kid from bullies, Beav, Henry, Pete, and Jonesy -- now men with separate lives and separate problems -- reunite in the woods of Maine for their annual hunting trip. But when a stranger stumbles into their camp, disoriented and mumbling something about lights in the sky, chaos erupts. Soon, the four friends are plunged into a horrifying struggle with a creature from another world where their only chance of survival is locked in their shared past -- and in the Dreamcatcher.
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Dewey 813.54
Cover Price $11.99
No. of Pages 896
Height x Width 6.9 x 4.4  inch
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Rating: 2

Well, the rating is so low - maybe its my fault. I had a hard time following at times. Maybe because the TV is on in the background from my son watching it, but it seemed hard to read. There were times I flew through pages, but at one point (half way through the book - 400+ pages), I was going to give up. Since I read half the book already, I just thought i'd continue through the end. At points there were times I wished I was done already but just kept going. So the fact that I wanted to read through the end is why I didn't give it a 1. Now that its over, its time to watch the movie.

Movie: 4 (Watched 2/26/2011)

Not that much better. Now I can see why I was confused with the book at times. I was a little confused in the movie too. Oh well, it wasn't a horrible movie, wasn't just my cup o' tea.