Ghost Walk
Brian Keene
Leisure (2008)
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Mass Market Paperbound 0843956453
Haunted attraction designer Ken Ripple has designed his masterpiece: the Ghost Walk, a trail winding through the mysterious woods of LeHorn's Hollow. He doesn't realize that the woods are truly evil and a gateway to hell has unleashed a real demon. Original.
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No. of Pages 275
Original Publication Year 2008
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Read It No (10/31/2008)
Got From.... Barnes & Knobles
Purchase Price $8.47
Started Reading 10/21/2008
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Rating: 9.

Only reason I bought this book is because I was at Barnes & Knobles, and the author was there. I was already buying another book at the time, but decided to get this too because of it being autographed - to me personally. Book was very good, with the author mentioning places close to me - like Scranton, and some haunted attractions that are popular like Jasons Woods. Very easy to read and follow, and great storyline.