Going Grey
Brian Spangler
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When Emily heard the first scream, she became concerned.
When she heard the second scream, she grew scared.
When she heard the third scream, she was struck with terror.
But it was what Emily could not hear that frightened her the most.

Emily wakes to find that her world has plummeted into darkness--the clouds have spilled out of the sky and taken the sun.

And there is more to the mysterious fog--the mist is poison, killing everything in its path. Emily's home is no match for the caustic fog, and her family is suddenly on the run for safety.

But when she learns that the machines built to save the world could be the cause of the accident, Emily turns to her father, the original architect, with the hope that they can stop the environmental catastrophe.
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Rating: 10

I absolutely loved the book!! Yeah, "the machine" was never described as to what it was, but who cares? I'm glad it was never said what it was. It gets the mind wondering what it could be. I found it to be a wonderful book all the way through, and enjoyed the ending immensely.