Nexus of Dreams
Claudio Silvano
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Jonathan is a simple man, a free man: he works hard, pays the king's taxes and for the most part does not question his lot.
He knows his place and does his work and wants for nothing more than to be left in peace to live his simple life.
Then one day he is employed by a complete stranger. The Lady Catherine has a seemingly straightforward job for him to do and the money she offers him looks oh-so-good.
Yet from that very first encounter Jonathan's life begins to unravel. Soon he begins to experience difficulty in distinguishing between dream and reality, between truth and illusion.
Could it be that everything he has ever taken for granted is a lie?
Is it possible that he is not as free as he believes himself to be?
Come and sip some the Lady's red wine with Jonathan...
...and see what you think.
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Rating: 3. Almost gave up at the beginning because of all the "old world" talk. Had to look up several words. Way too quick of a story (finished in just hours) but if it were longer I may have not read the whole thing. Once I saw how quick it was I thought I may as well finish it. Really wasn't exciting, kinda boring actually. Not really sure of the purpose of the book to be honest.