Kyle West
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No one said survival is easy.

In the year 2030, the meteor Ragnarok impacted Earth. By 2060, the world is a cold, dry wasteland basking under a crimson sky.

What is left of the United States exists underground in the Bunkers - and the Bunkers do not let anyone in, or out. Above are the Wastelanders, who live in a perpetual state of anarchy.

Born into this world is Alex Keener, who has lived all of his sixteen years underground is U.S. Bunker 108. But when the mysterious xenovirus forces him into the Wasteland, he must learn to survive...against raiders, against the elements, against the very monsters the virus creates.

And the Wasteland proves to be much more than Alex bargained for...
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Rating: 8. Excellent book all the way through, kept my interest the whole time. Confused as to why people were saying it sucked on Amazon, read so many poor reviews, so that goes to show you - people have different opinions.