Dead Religion
David Beers
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Alex Valdez grew up in a family quite abnormal for most Americans. His parents thought it their destiny to resurrect a dead God, thought it Alex's blood right.

Alex grew up and realized the insanity behind his parents' hallucinations. He married. He moved on.

Until the dreams start calling to him again, the dreams that his parents had, the dreams that led to their horrific deaths. The God calls Alex now, commands him to come back to where it all started, to raise Him from the dead. His wife's insistence on psychiatry sessions and pills do nothing to stop the night terrors, do nothing to stop Alex's impending sense of his own doom, of his wife's coming death.


FBI Agent James Allison is sent to Mexico to discover why a man named Alex Valdez destroyed an entire hotel, killing everyone in it. A seemingly normal man who went to work each day and loved his wife. A man with no history of aggression, no infractions against the law.

A man with a past that Agent Allison can't understand.

In a time when miracles and Gods have been pushed to a past age, Agent Allison must walk the fine line between insanity and reality, trying to uncover the facts behind the terrific loss of life in Mexico City before the same torments find their way into his own life.
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Rating: 7. Decent book, Barely had to keep flipping back to remember what happened. Unique storyline, especially with the thing about the beginning of the universe. Enjoyable read.