Blood Soaked & Contagious
James Crawford
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I am not going to complain to you about my life.

We’ve got zombies. They are not the brainless, rotting creatures we’d been led to expect. Unfortunately for us, they’re just as smart as they were before they died, very fast, much stronger than you or me, and possess no internal editor at all.

Claws. Did I mention claws?

I kill them for a living, but it’s as much a vocation as a freelance career choice. It helps me, helps my neighborhood, and the people I consider to be my family of choice. What’s more? I’m really good at it.

My life had a nice rhythm, but the military bungled an attempt to wipe out an organized bunch of undead near a major commuting route into DC. The formerly-human survivors relocated. Now they’re less than an hour’s stroll away from where I live.

The new Zombie Overlord is smarter, crazier, and better equipped than anyone we've dealt with before. He will wipe us out, every man, woman, and child... I've seen it done for lesser reasons... because we have something he wants, and he does not take "No" for an answer
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Rating: 7. A zombie story with a twist. Nano-technology that changes humans into super humans so to speak. Good to see that a zombie book isnt just about zombies. The mixture of the nanobots and zombies was a welcomed change.