Shifting Shadows
Sally Berneathy
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Elizabeth Dupard awakens at the foot of the staircase in her familiar home. But her home has changed. The furnishings are similar but not the same. Mama and Papa are gone.

Then she looks in the mirror and sees a stranger looking back at her. The year is 2013, not 1905. Elizabeth Dupard died a hundred years ago and was reincarnated as Analise Parrish, the face she sees in the mirror but doesn't recognize.

Analise has recovered memories of a past lifetime as Elizabeth Dupard and lost her memories of her present life. Someone killed her in that former lifetime. Someone is trying to kill her in the present, and she must recover her memories of this lifetime or die.

Can she trust Dylan Forrest, the mysterious stranger next door whose touch is hauntingly familiar? Did he love her or murder her in a past lifetime? Will he love her or murder her in this lifetime?
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Rating: 9. Jesus christ! I hope to write this well some day. My book is so damn simplistic compared to Sally's work! Again, never expected it to end the way this one did!! How the hell does one even come up with a story like this??