Chocolate Mousse Attack
Sally Berneathy
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A phone call at two a.m. is never good news. But there's bad news and then there's strange news. Lindsay's two a.m. call is a plea for help. There's a woman in Fred's closet and he can't get her out.

Their new neighbor, Sophie Fleming, has taken up sleepwalking, straight into Fred's house and his bedroom closet. She's having nightmares about the brutal stabbing of a little girl named Carolyn. But Carolyn was her imaginary childhood friend.

Lindsay, Fred, Trent, Paula and Henry must solve a twenty-year old murder with no bodies, no DNA and no proof the victims ever existed.

How can someone who never lived be murdered? Why is Sophie seeing it happen in Fred's bedroom? Why is she hiding in his closet? Will his clothes even fit her?
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Rating: 9
Another incredible book by my favorite author. The book kept going from a rating of 8 to 9 throughout it, and never thought the person who 'saved the day' was the one who would 'save the day.' Great job! I love how easy Sallys books are to read.