The Secret Ingredient - A Culinary Romantic Mystery
Misty Evans
Createspace Independent Pub (2012)
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A culinary romantic mystery.

Celebrity chef Katelyn Karr returns to her hometown of Secret, Montana in order to stop an investigative reporter from revealing the truth about her alcoholic father, dead mother and the reason she was run out of town by the socialite Juno family when she was only seventeen.

During a live cooking show at the Juno ranch, her father dies in front of millions of viewers, and suspicion falls on the celebrity diva when the autopsy reveals he was poisoned. Nick Juno, the boy Kate left behind, and who is now mayor, is the only person who can prove her innocence.

Did Kate kill her father on national TV? Nick must untangle the lies and past secrets to figure out if Kate has been framed or slipped her father a secret ingredient that finally put an end to their family dispute.

Bonus recipes are included at the end of the book!
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Rating 8: Finished reading the book while doing the walmart job. Definitely a good read all the way through. Seemed like it took forever to read though, not a bad thing... But there was so much to the story (a good thing). Can't understand how authors to it, now that I wrote my own and can probably literally read it in one day like I do with James Patterson books. Wonder how many words were in this one? How many in James Patterson comparing it to mine? Anyway, good story. Quite a bit going on in it but still easy to understand.
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