Sarah Stewart
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One summer afternoon, Paul “Buster” Smith receives unexpected news; the case of his wife’s murder is going to be re-opened. It has been a year since the night when his wife was shot and killed. Time has not been able to erase the memories of that devastating night.

As Buster revisits old wounds, startling truths emerge about his wife’s past. Buster finds himself caught in a web of deception weaved by the lies he has unknowingly lived with for so many years. Even through the struggles and hardship, Buster still dares to hope for a better future.
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Rating: 9. Wonderful! Again, another new author I haven't tried before. Definitely enjoyed the story - all the way through. Very easy reading. Could have easily read the book in 2 or 3 days if I had the time, but between work and now starting my own book, it took a little longer. Definitely would recommend this to anyone.