Anything You Can Do
Sally Berneathy
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They can’t get along with each other, but they can’t get along without each other. Bailey likes to win whether in the courtroom or on the 10K race track. So does Austin. When the two meet, sparks fly in all directions.

Bailey Russell’s life is pretty much perfect. She has a dog, a condo, and she’s on the fast track to becoming a partner in the small law firm where she works. Then Austin Travers shows up with his electric blue eyes and electric touch. He beats her in a 10K race, almost overtakes her in an impromptu swim meet, and cooks a delicious meal while her cheesecake tastes like greasy cardboard. However, she takes him down in the courtroom and in a game of chess. The score is close to even. Then she learns he wants to change her law firm, merge it with a bigger one, disrupt Bailey’s life.

To her chagrin, Bailey finds herself attracted to the annoying man, but she remembers only too well the painful days of being a skinny, awkward adolescent, the butt of jokes about red hair and freckles and brainy women. Men like Austin Travers reserved their interest for beautiful women with soft voices and bust line measurements that exceeded their IQs.

Austin soon realizes that Bailey is the most frustrating woman he’s ever met, a tiger, a force to be reckoned with. She makes him crazy, but all other women are pale ghosts beside her. She makes him feel vital and alive. If only he can figure out how to be around her for five minutes without wanting to strangle her.
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Rating: 8! I was confused. For the first good ... 30%? Not at the whole story, but who liked who. I kept having to read back and to make sure because in the beginning, I thought Paula liked Austin. And then there were hints of Bailey liking Austin. And I didn't know which one to believe. I guess the hints were too subtle? Maybe I missed something? Not sure. But after I got past that part, the book was awesome! It all fit into place after I got passed
that part,I understood it 100%. But trying to figure out what was going on between who was kind of a pain. And then at the end, where Austin proposed to Bailey? A bit too.... "soon"? I mean, damn, they couldn't last a day without the arguing. How's that relationship going to work out? :) Overall it was excellent and I did enjoy reading it very much, but its not one of my favorites by this author