With This Child ... (Silhouette Romance, No 1281)
Sally Carleen
Silhouette (1998)
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Fiction / Romance / General
Mass Market Paperback 9780373192816
Single father Sam Woodward refused to believe his beloved child was not his daughter. But here was Marcie Turner, hesitantly offering official-looking papers, claiming that she was his daughter's mother—and that a big mistake had been made. And beyond the maternal love shining in her eyes, Sam recognized a familiar smile….

And then the medical results came back and the unthinkable happened….

Now, not only was Marcie moving into his daughter's heart—she began sneaking into his, too. But Sam wasn't about to let Marcie join their family so easily. First she'd have to pass some of Sam's tests—tests designed to last a lifetime….
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Dewey 813
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No. of Pages 187
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Original Publication Year 2013
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Rating: 10! Jesus Fucking Christ!!! Sally is such an amazing author. Again, her book truly amazed me. Yeah, I knew what was going to happen at only 10%, but the twists and turns to make it happen? Pure genius! My favorite author, hands down. No matter which book I read by her, its the highest rating I give in my own rating table. I seriously love this author! I don't know how I can even read another book by someone else now, seriously.... Its just not going to compare at all.