Dark Rivers Of The Heart
Dean Koontz
Ballantine Books (1995)
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Mass Market Paperback 034539657X
Spencer Grant is on the run from a nameless, violent government agency. His goal is to keep away from his pursuers long enough to find the woman he met the night before, who appears to be their real target. Spencer has no idea why they want to kill Valerie Keene, but his brief acquaintance with her has convinced him that the killers have no good reason for wanting her dead. With his game but fearful dog, Rocky, Spencer leads the killers on a frustrating chase. By the end of the story, Spencer must confront his own personal demons as well as the bizarre sociopathic agent leading the hunt. The government's activities-especially the incredible surveillance techniques that Koontz, in an afterword, claims are currently being used-help create an atmosphere of intense paranoia and fear. This superb suspense novel will surely delight the author's many fans.
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Original Publication Year 2008
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Rating: 5

Well, this was a rating of a 4 till the end. The thing that killed it for me was what they called "Godzilla" at the end. I know, ts only a book, but no matter how good of a hacker they claimed this woman to be, its a little far fetched. I can't go into more detail incase anyone stumbles across this page, I don't want to give the ending away, so that's all I am going to say about it.