The Ex Who Wouldn't Die
Sally Berneathy
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When Amanda's lying, cheating, scam-artist husband, Charley, saves her life in a near-fatal motorcycle accident, she can almost forgive him for dragging his feet on their divorce. Then she discovers he'd been dead for several hours at the time she thought he rescued her. And not just dead…murdered.

On the good side, at least they are no longer married.

But she's the primary suspect in Charley's murder and, as if that isn't bad enough, Charley's ghost shows up in her apartment. He was rejected, kicked back, not allowed to go into the light. The situation was bad enough when he was alive and trying to charm his way back into her life, but now he claims to be unable to go more than a few yards away from her. She can't even be certain he isn't peeking when she undresses for bed.

Even death did not them part.
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Rating: 10!! If I had a higher rating, I would rate it the best! This is absolutely the best book I have ever read! Extremely easy to read. And for the first time ever, I did really have a hard time putting it down. The storyline was great! The author said at the end of the book that there may be more books in continuation from here. I MUST READ THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am off to get other books by her! I even had to log on to her website and write her an email on how much I enjoyed it. Well done Sally!!!!!!!!!