The Postcard Killers
James Patterson
Little, Brown & Co. (2010)
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Americans, Large Type Books, Police, Serial Murderers, Women Journalists
After his daughter and her boyfriend are murdered in Rome, NYPD detective Jacob Kanon heads to Europe where other young couples have been found dead in various cities. Little connects the murders, other than a postcard to the local newspaper that precedes each new victim. Now Kanon teams up with a Swedish reporter who has just received a postcard in Stockholm--and they think they know where the next victims will be...publisher's note.
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No. of Pages 563
Height x Width 8.7  inch
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Rating: 10. Totally fantastic! Even the ending was awesome. They got what they deserved! :) Sweet. And finished in just 3 days (if I read all 3). James Patterson is my favorite. No doubt about it.