Angels And Demons
Dan Brown
Corgi Books (2001)
In Collection
Suspense Fiction
Physicists, Popes, Religious Educators, Secret Societies, Signs And Symbols
Paperback 9780552150736
When A World Renowned Scientist Is Found Brutally Murdered In A Swiss Research Facility, A Harvard Professor, Robert Langdon, Is Summoned To Identify The Mysterious Symbol Seared Onto The Dead Man S Chest. His Baffling Conclusion: That It Is The Work Of The Illuminati, A Secret Brotherhood Presumed Extinct For Nearly Four Hundred Years - Reborn To Continue Their Bitter Vendetta Against Their Most Hated Enemy, The Catholic Church.In Rome, The College Of Cardinals Assembles To Elect A New Pope. Yet Somewhere Within The Walls Of The Vatican, An Unstoppable Bomb Of Terrifying Power Relentlessly Counts Down To Oblivion. While The Minutes Tick Away, Langdon Joins Forces With Vittoria Vetra, A Beautiful And Mysterious Italian Scientist, To Decipher The Labyrinthine Trail Of Ancient Symbols That Snakes Across Rome To The Long-Forgotten Illuminati Lair A Secret Refuge Wherein Lies The Only Hope For The Vatican.But, With Each Revelation Comes Another Twist, Another Turn In The Plot, Which Leaves Langdom And Vetra Reeling And At The Mercy Of A Seemingly Invisible Enemy&Angels &Amp; Demons Is A Breathtakingly Brilliant Thriller Which Catapults The Reader Through The Antiquity Of Rome, Through Sealed Crypts, Dangerous Catacombs, Deserted Cathedrals And Even The Most Secret Vault On Earth. As The Prequel To Dan Brown S Worldwide Bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, It Has The Distinction Of Introducing His Readers To Harvard Symbologist, Robert Langdon.Angels &Amp; Demons Begins The Journey Of Enlightening Epiphanies To Dark Truths As The Battle Between Science And Religion Turns To War.
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No. of Pages 624
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Rating: 8. This was a huge read. Seemed to go on forever. I guess I am just used to James Patterson books, but still finished this HUGE novel with great timing. There was a little too much speak about god, and since I am Atheiest, that kinda spoiled it for me, but not too bad (especially since my rating is still an 8). Didn't have that hard of a time following the story. I may try another Dan Brown book in the future, but maybe a smaller one. Now I got to go download the movie!!

Movie Rating 6: Saw it on 8/17/12. I liked the book better? A little confusing maybe, but it was ok.