James Patterson
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Animosity between the genetically engineered Elites and their human subjects is fierce, and many rebels fight back against Elite rule. Hays Baker is a high-ranking agent in the Elite forces and at the forefront of keeping the humans under control. However, Hays is unknowingly hiding a secret that will make him the greatest threat to the Elite regime, and their number one target.
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1 - Terrible ------------2 - Between Terrible & Fair
3 - Fair -----------------4 - Between Fair & Good
5 - Good ---------------6 - Between Good & Very Good
7 - Very good----------8 - Between Very Good & Excellent
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Rating: 8. Amazing how quickly I read his books. :) This one was slightly better than the last one I read by him. At least it had a good ending. I think I will start yet another one by him, these books seem to be so quick to read no matter which one I pick up.