The Oblivion Society
Marcus Alexander Hart
Permuted Press (2007)
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End Of The World, Fiction / Science Fiction / Adventure, Fiction / Science Fiction / General, Future, Nuclear Warfare
Paperback 9780976555957
What would you do if you slept through the apocalypse? What if everything you knew about disaster survival came from old B-movies? What would you do if society as you know it suddenly became The Oblivion Society? After an accidental nuclear war reduces civilization to a smoldering ruin, Vivian Gray joins a comically inept bunch of twentysomething survivors, and together they try to ride out Armageddon on little more than scavenged junk food and half-remembered pop culture. When the contaminated atmosphere unleashes a menagerie of deadly atomic mutants, Vivian and her friends take to the interstate for a madcap cross-country road trip toward a distant sanctuary that may not, in the strictest sense of the word, exist. But can they get to safety before the toxins get to them? Read the first 100 pages for free at!
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LoC Classification PR6058.A694845 .O25 1995
Dewey 813
Cover Price $15.95
No. of Pages 324
Height x Width 8.9 x 6.0  inch
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Rating: 8. I never had to "flip back" to read and see where I was at previously. That is a FIRST for me. The book was so very easy to follow. Definitely a good story! Two things about the book though... 1) It was 324 pages. Why did it take forever to read? I finished a James Patterson book, probably same amount of pages, in TWO days. And it seemed to "fly by". It just seemed to go on forever for some reason. 2) The deformaties at the end were kind of.... exaggerated.

I did enjoy the book, don't get me wrong here.... I'm glad I tried the new author.