How I Conquered Your Planet
John Swartzwelder
Kennydale Books (2006)
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Fiction / Humorous, Fiction / Science Fiction / General, Humor, Science Fiction
Paperback 9780975579947
Swartzwelder, catching on, brings Frank Burly back to the fore. He's still a private detective, he's still pretty bad at it, and he's still stumbling backwards into strange cases (and sometimes plate glass windows). This time the case may have something to do with Martians. Or maybe it's Neptunians. They're both very similar, as far as aliens look, although it's harder to pronounce the word "Neptunians." While going about his daily routine of getting in the way of things, Frank ends up alienating (nyuk, nyuk) all sorts of planetary species. And, of course, he conquers your planet.
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No. of Pages 158
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Rating: 5. The author trys to be a little "over the top" funny a lot, like at a point where he has the character actually "stapling his mouth shut", and "stuffing medals in his mouth and eating his uniform"..... but I had to keep thinking to myself "This author wrote 59 episodes of The Simpsons". If I saw it on the Simpsons, it would be funny. So.... I kept reading, since it was a "short" book. 158 pages. But overall, it was an interesting and easy to read story.