Whenever I come across a page that makes me go “WOW”, I include it in my cool pages list.

DFilm - An amazing site that you can create a mini cartoon and email it. Full animated characters. Choose from dozens of different characters, backgrounds, scenery, and more!

Says-It.com - Create church signs, concert tickets, video cassettes, and so much more.

Spare Some Change - More links to create a crapload of different fake street signs, magazine covers, etc. Very cool! Look in the center of the page, its not very clear where they are - you have to really search, unfortunately.

Milinkito - And the last of the sign series - tell Bart Simpson what you want him to write on the chalkboard

Graffiticreator - Create your own name in awesome graphical colors. Even download the software for free to do this offline!

Dog Tricks - Tell this virtual online dog what to do, and he’ll do it (TO A LIMIT!)

Face Builder - Grab a picture of anyone, then visit here. Choose from dozens of hairstyles, mouths, eyes, chin, glasses, etc. With all of the combinations, you will be able to create an exact picture portrait! So easy to use, amazing website!

Music Lyrics Directory - Get the words to any song, any artist!

Album Art - Find the cover to any CD/DVD/whatever!

Musicovery - Select the type of music (ANY SINGLE TYPE), and select the decade (ANY SINGLE DECADE), and hear what music was like - at that time. For example, 70’s, Rock, you’ll choose from many like Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, etc. AWESOME!

Talking Woman - Make this woman say anything you want, or change her voice to a mans voice, or have her say anything in a different accent. Possibilities are endless, and minutes of fun! :)

Family Watch Dog - Is there a child molester in your neighborhood? no? Are you sure? Check out this site to make sure!

Inter-Face - Interface with this “face” - Just a face starting at you, click on different parts of her face. Odd!

ZipSkinny - See the stats on people in your own neighborhood - what percentage makes a certain amount of $, what % was married/never married, race, etc, and so much more

Free Printables - Everything you could possibly want to print - Business cards, fax cover sheets, stationary, calendars, labels, maps, etc.

Trim Midi files - Need to trim a midi file? Do it here online, quick & easy!

PDFToWord - Have a PDF file and want to create a word document out of it? Amazing! Works extremely well.

Grooveshark - Search for a song, play it right thru the browser

rockerosglamorosos.tk - amazing site to download full albums - no registration at all

mp3cut.net - Trim MP3 files online

Realistic Spider - Awesome tarantula! Drag its feet around. While your here, try an awesome flash game - SNAKE! (Check out the top of his web page)

   Awesome Websites

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